General Relay

MK-2P   MK-3P  

MK2P, 3P general relay is widely suitable for DC. or AC. Circuit switching in various automation devices, process control and communication equipments etc.

It is characteristic of stable performance, high reliability, capable of making and breaking relatively large load current, easy in maintenance and inspection as well as long service life.

The plug-in base of the relay is suitable for use with standard 8 and 11 pins socket.

  • MK-2P
  • MK-3P
    External Dimension 34.7 x 34.7 x 52MM
    Contact Capacity DC24V AC 200V 5A
    Coil voltage DC 6 12 24 48 60 110 220V
    Coil voltage AC 6 12 24 36 48 110 127 220V
    Coil Power PC < 1.2W
    Coil Power AC < 2.5W
    Xinsultaion resistance 500m W
    Contact resistance <500m W
    Dielectric strength AC1500V
    Service Life mechanical 10
    Service Life electrical 10
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